Monday, April 23, 2012

Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

I read an article at "The Kitchn" recently that said that most people no longer get their recipes from their Mothers or cookbooks or newspapers,  but rather from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.  In fact they reported that 50% of people get their recipes there, and a further 40% got them from websites, apps or blogs.
Now is that true?  Well it is for me.  My Mother cooked for a living and cooked really plain meals at home.  When my daughter asked her for her biscuit recipe my Mom just said, "Hit the can on the counter, twist it open and put the biscuits on a cookie sheet."  LOL!  Needless to say I never got many recipes from my Mom.  I did get a few (shrimp and rice, green bean salad, Spanish tortilla) from my Mother-in-law who was a great cook, and I've always gotten a few from cookbooks.
But in the last few years most of my recipes have come off the Net, from one site or another.  I got a load from the Weight Watcher site (chicken marsala, chicken cacciatore, chicken parmesan) when I was doing that online, some have come from Blogs and a lot have come from (peach jam recipe, lamb shank) one of my favorite cooking sites.
Food network's site has come through for me too, I make Paula Deen's Red Potato/Green Bean Salad, and Giada de Laurentis' Parmesan Fish Sticks.
Other than bread recipes I don't use my cook books at all.
So where do you get your recipes?


  1. Most of mine are from my vast collection of cookery books that I've had for years and years. Some I've got from blogs and others from friends. My mum didn't use recipes or scales but cooked by instinct which is something I can't do - a dash of this and a couple of handfuls of that isn't precise enough for my nice, neat nature:)

  2. These days, the Internet is my go-to for recipe proportions. I usually tweak things though. I've avoided collecting cookbooks, and try to be sure to use the ones I have.

    I used to check out cookbooks from the library and just copy down any recipes that I really wanted to try.

  3. Do you have the link to that article by chance?


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