Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And I Have Been So Careful

Sad but true, I have poison ivy again.  Got it for the first time in my life 2 years ago, turns out our immune systems change as we age.  I definitely didn't enjoy the experience and knew I'd have to be extra careful when gardening. And I have been because the yard is just full of poison ivy.  So any time there was any poison ivy plants near where I'd be working I'd have Mac pull them  out before I'd garden, plus I've been wearing 3/4 sleeve shirts and gardening gloves.  Did that help, well, yes and no.  I didn't get it on my hands or most of my arms.  But the 2 inches that were bare between sleeve and glove got it.
It started as a tiny little bump, it itched and I hoped it was an ant bite, noticed it just before our trip to D.C., but by the time we got there it was obvious what it was and we had to go in search of calamine lotion.  That kept it from spreading too much and my doctor called in a prescription for some ointment when we got home.  It'll take time for it to dry up, but in the meantime, I have the itchies!


  1. That sounds itchy and scratchy! Poor you, hope it clears up soon. I love the smell of calamine lotion and it's always soothing, but the prescribed lotion sounds what you really need.

  2. Poor you! Hope it gets better soon.

  3. I've had several encounters with poison ivy since moving to KY. J. has gone after it with Round-up, but I see there is some flourishing at the end of the front porch. I didn't see any when I weeded along the edge of the porch two weeks ago, but found a cluster of the nasty little bumps on my wrist that evening. Never used to be susceptible to it.

  4. That sounds horrible! Hope it is soon better, and that you can avoid it in future.

  5. Sounds nasty; hope the medication is working and that it will soon disappear:)

  6. Thanks for the sympathy, it's slowly getting better.
    Minion, sorry to hear it got you too.


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