Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Men an Tol

Upstairs sewing yesterday, making a complete mess of something, laying on the rug in disgust  knowing I was going to have to pick  a million little stitches out,  I saw something on the bookshelf that brought back much happier memories.  It was a post card puzzle from Men an Tol in Cornwall.  Always in search of standing stones and mystical sites we had gone looking for this site a few years back, and found it on a blazing hot day in summer.  It is located in southern Cornwall near the small village of Morvah.
Men an Tol is a round holed stone set between 2 standing stones and is said to have mystical powers.  If a woman crawls through is 7 times she'll get pregnant--yes I crawled through, but definitely not 7 times.  They say that if a child is passed through it will cure them of rickets or scofula.
The day we were there we both crawled through and then sat in the sun for awhile.  While we were sitting there a family with numerous small children came up. They picked up one of the smaller ones and passed him through the stone,  7 times.  Nothing was said and after they had finished they quietly walked off while Mac and I just sat and stared at each other.
Nice memory, now back upstairs to pick out those teeny, tiny stitches.


  1. hi - I live in cornwall, my mum and dad have a photo of me being passed through the stone as a baby......to prevent rickets! or maybe to take the photo?

  2. Lovely memory of a beautiful place and how wonderful to actually see people following the old tradition. I hope it worked for them.


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