Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Fishen'

Is That Not a Mighty Fish?
Coastal Georgia has a multitude of rivers, the Savannah, the Ogeechee, the Jerico, the Ocmulgee, the Alamaha, the Belfast and the Tivoli.  That makes for a fisherman's paradise, and Mac is an enthusiastic fisherman.    I'm his company, I don't so much fish as have someone bait my hook, hold the pole and quite frequently stick my nose in  a book.
Anyway, it was a gorgeous morning  so we drove to the Tivoli River.  We hadn't been since they rebuilt the fishing pier and we were anxious to see what the new what looked like.  It turned out to be quite nice.
We actually live closer to the Ogeechee River than the Tivoli, it's just a stone's throw away, but it's rather wide and fast moving which makes fishing there a bit more of a challenge.  The Tivoli is about 5 miles from here and is a beautiful little tidal river about 8.9 miles long.  Being tidal you never know what you might catch.  We use to  crab there, but we've gotten so soft hearted that we can no longer cook live crabs, so we were just fishing.  Usually don't catch anything at the Tivoli, don't even get many bites, but it's just so pretty there we don't mind.
Today was different, I'd no sooner got my hook in the water than I caught a little fish, not sure what kind it was, and then I caught 2 more.  Mac caught one too.  Lots more bites, but no more fish.  That's ok, because it's really not about how many fish you catch, it's about the sun, the breeze, and who you're with.

That's fishen'!


  1. That marsh is so beautiful. When I was a teenager and lived in St. Mary's, I so much enjoyed seeing the tidal river from my schoolbus.
    So happy that your weather is comfortable to be outside. Isn't this coolness delightful?

  2. That would be my kind of fishing too:) My daughter and I are seriously considering a trip to Georgia and South Carolina next year, I keep seeing photos of Savannah and Charleston and would love to see them. Also fancy the Civil War sites and a visit to a Plantation house. J fancies the music and the nightlife - think she has an image in her mind of New Orleans rather than your area though:)

  3. Oh Rowan, would love to see you, and would love to show you Savannah. Not many plantation homes left around here, South Carolina has more, as does Louisiana. Loads of nightlife in Savannah, live music all the time, Savannah music festival runs for nearly a month from March thru April.


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