Monday, April 30, 2012

The Opposite of a Brain Freeze

There we were enjoying beautiful spring weather, high 60's to mid 70's, when wham, they threw the upper 80's and a 90 at us.  My brain blew a solar fuse and I wandered around the house accomplishing nothing!
It's a little better now, just going to be the lower 80's, still too hot, but manageable.  I finally got all of my flowers planted, just a couple of packets of seeds to go, made some spring pillows for the couch, no pictures, haven't stuffed them yet, and worked on some birthday gifts.
Lately I've been having trouble reading some blogs, if they use a pink background or write in pink my eyes go berserk,  must be some kind of pink phobia.
Last night I caught part of an old Rolling Stone film from their 1973 American tour.  Made me feel very old, Keith Richards had no wrinkles, he's looked like the Crypt Keeper for years.  LOL.  Saw them in concert in Frankfurt, Germany in 1973 or 1974, can't remember which.  Isn't it time for them to retire?  I retired 9 years ago and they're all way older than me.
Mac has almost got our pool cleaned up and if this weather keeps up I will have to pull on a swim suit (that ought to cause a solar flare) and get in.
Here's hoping it cools down a bit.

Happy gardening


  1. I dont' garden, but you've set me to dreaming again of a pool of our own.

  2. You make me feel guilty. I'm meant to be out in the garden!
    Not quite that warm here, but we have been having lovely days of sunshine. Your garden looks pretty.

  3. Those purple blossoms in the first photo are beautiful.

    Stay cool! And yes, the Rolling Stones ought to have retired decades ago.

  4. We seem to be at opposite extremes - here it's still cool and wet, very wet indeed in fact. The thought of a temperature of 80F along with some sunshine is quite attractive:)

  5. This is only our third year in KY, but each spring has been radically different--don't know what to expect.
    I do know that whenever the 'hot and humid' hits we won't be ready for it.


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