Monday, April 9, 2012


Reflecting Pool in front of National Archives
Flew up to D.C. to spend Easter with our daughter and of course it was wonderful!  The weather though breezy was beautiful.  Lots of catching up on things that you just can't do in a phone call, looking at her new place, she's in a townhouse now, much bigger than her old apartment, and much closer to the Metro line into D.C.
Spanish Tortilla, Brioche, Chorizo with potatoes and eggs
Lunch at the luscious Cuba Libre where we had brunch and ate everything but the kitchen sink.  The highlights were a French Toast Brioche, the Spanish tortillas, we had to have more than one, baby octopus for Mac and April, shrimp for all of us and dessert.  To say YUM, is too little, it was ambrosia, we're already planning our next meal there.
A bit disappointed in the American History Museum, the Julia Child kitchen we wanted to see was under renovation and their other displays left a lot to be desired.

Fountain in National Gallery
Tomorrow I'll tell you about what we did see.


  1. The Air and Space Museum was my favourite and I also visited the Holocaust and the American History Museums - that's the one with Old Glory isn't it? The one I'd really like to go and see is the Museum of the American Indian - no idea whether I'll ever get chance to visit Washington DC again though.

  2. Haven't been to the American Indian one yet, love the Air and Space, and yes Old Glory is at the American History Museum. Next on our list is the Crime and Punishment Museum, not part of the Smithsonian, but April says it's incredible. We're lucky having her live there, means we get to go up at least twice a year.


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