Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life and a Few Questions

More Lilies in my Garden
Had my six month, sixty thousand mile check-up yesterday and all is well.  My doctor is so easy going, takes his time, never makes me worry.  As opposed to the doctor we had in California who was way too hyper, would scare me to death and say things like "You're going to stroke out!"
But now all systems are doing well, I no longer suffer from "white coat syndrome" (that's where you blood pressure goes sky high when you see anyone in a white coat), and I feel great.
As to questions, I'm wondering if it's ok to "defriend" a relative who I've just connected with. We connected on where  she helped with some family history, so we "friended" each other on Facebook.  What a mistake!  The other cousins I've found through Ancestry have been great, always enjoy seeing their Facebook messages.  But not this one, it's not that her posts are bad, but rather that they tend to be weird, about stuff I really don't care about (like horse racing) and they're way too numerous, dozens a day. She's not a true cousin, she's my cousin's widow and I'd like to "defriend" her because I spend way too much time blocking her posts on Facebook.  In the past I've blocked other people, but I feel bad because she did help me.  Should I "defriend" her?
Another question, is Pip (Douglas Booth) prettier than Estella (Vanessa Kirby) on Great Expectations or is he just more feminine looking?
And finally, Mac has lost his glasses for the 1,000th time, should we, when we finally find them, attach a beeper  to them?

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  1. So glad the check-up went OK. I had an optician once who would always conclude his examination with the cheerful words: "You'll live.....until you die!"

    On the glasses - I need at least three pairs for I am forever losing them!


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