Thursday, April 19, 2012

We went golfing yesterday, well not actually us, we don't golf.  We went to a golf tournament,  the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf a PGA tournament they've been  holding here for 10 years.  We went when we first moved here  and enjoyed it, so we thought we'd go back this year.  We're not huge golf fans, though P.G. Wodehouse has made us both fans of golf humor.
Yesterday was a great day for golfing, a bit overcast, temperatures in the 70's and just a light breeze.  The event yesterday  was a Pro-Am event that takes place before  the actual tournament begins on Friday, and we like pro-am, love to see the amateurs swinging wildly away.  It makes you appreciate how good the pros are.
Ian Baker-Finch a Pro
The tournament is being held on Hutchinson Island, it sits in the middle of the Savannah River and there's a huge Weston Resort there.  The course was beautiful to walk around, the magnolias are in bloom about 2 months early, and the casual hazard on the 2nd hole would definitely give you food for though.
Casual Hazard at the 2nd Hold

Thought I'd leave you with a few Wodehouse quotes on golf.

At the age of 92 Wodehouse wrote, "If only I had taken up golf earlier and devoted my whole time to it instead of fooling about writing stories and things, I might have got my handicap down to under eighteen". Happily for us he didn't, so we can enjoy the richest of all mines of humourous golf writing, including many immortal lines.

He enjoys that perfect peace, that peace beyond all understanding, which comes to its maximum only to the man who has given up golf.

The least thing upset him on the links. He missed short putts because of the uproar of the butterflies in the adjoining meadows.

Back horses or go down to Throgmorton Street and try to take it away from the Rothschilds, and I will applaud you as a shrewd and cautious financier. But to bet at golf is pure gambling.

The only way of really finding out a man's true character is to play golf with him. In no other walk of life does the cloven hoof so quickly display itself.
A golfer needs a loving wife to whom he can describe the day's play through the long evening.
"After all, golf is only a game", said Millicent. Women say these things without thinking. It does not mean that there is any kink in their character. They simply don't realise what they are saying.


  1. I lived at a golf course for quite a few years. My father was the manager. I tried it it but didn't take to it at all. My favorite sport to watch is tennis. Roll on Wimbledon!

  2. I quite like watching golf on TV but have never been to a golf tournament.I've certainly never had any inclination to actually play golf!

  3. Everything I know about golf I learned from P.G. Wodehouse. I have first American editions of "Golf Without Tears" and "Divots" - some of my favourite reading.

  4. First Editions! OMG, Mac would trade me and the cat for that!

  5. Janet, That's not true, I could not read a 1st edition, it would wind up with pages stuck together because of food, you know I do my most reading while eating!


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