Friday, July 27, 2012

House is Clean, Let the Fun Begin

Our daughter gets here tomorrow, can't wait.  Fresh linens on her bed, bathroom cleaned, wasn't really dirty, just dusty from lack of use, carpet vacuumed, food in fridge, just waiting now.
When she gets here we can spend our time talking and eating, no house work!
Hate having her so far away, she's in Maryland and we're in Georgia, though it's better than when we were in California.  Then we only got to see her once a year.  Now we can fly up for a weekend or she can come down here.
This visit is for her birthday which  was earlier this month, but she had work and travel commitments so this is the first opportunity she's had to come.  She's only here for 2 days, she has to be back for work, so I'll keep her awake the whole time so it will seem like longer.. LOL

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