Thursday, July 19, 2012

Miss Kitty Gets a Little Stranger

Cats are strange, I know that.  They like to sleep in strange place, different places, places where you can't find them.  Miss Kitty does that all the time, but lately it has gotten stranger.  Mac has found her sleeping on the newel post in the living room.
I don't want to be unkind and say she's a bit large for it, but that's the truth, she definitely hangs over the side.
When he took her picture it woke her up and that's not a bad thing because Miss Kitty tends to sleep so hard that she frequently falls off of where she's sleeping.  I hope she finds a better fitting spot for her slumbers.


  1. Cats are strange--and that is a priceless photo.

  2. Cats are so funny.
    I swear I think they do things like this just to amuse us!

  3. Cats do some very odd things - Miss Kitty has found a very unusual place to sleep hasn't she? She looks so cute though. Our two are 16 now and have started to do strange things at times and one can't hear very well so makes the strangest noises - especially in the middle of the night when she wakes up downstairs and wondeers where we have gone:)


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