Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My favorite go out in public sandals broke as I walked into a store yesterday.  I have other sandals, some that can't be worn in public, some that are cute but the support for my arches (I have really high arches) is minimal so can only be worn for decorative purposes, and then the ones that broke yesterday.  As luck would have it the store I was in is where I had bought them originally about 4 or 5 years ago, yes, they've been that good and lasted that long.  Mac says he can "goop" them back together again, but I decided it was probably time to buy a new pair.
I'm fussy about sandals, must have good support for my arches, need a strap across the back to keep me from stepping out of them and there CANNOT be anything between my toes!  Though many of the cutest styles are made this way I can't wear them.  I've tried through the years and all I get is blisters between my toes and that's miserable.

Nice Sandal, Good Color, Good Support, But no
Strap on Back and Strap Between Toes

Cute, Have Strap, But no Support and Strap
Between the Toes

So I went looking for an approximation of what I have now.  I couldn't find the same shoe, but I did find the same brand and a sandal, though not as plain as I would like, that I can live with. They have good support, a strap across the back and nothing between my toes (won't they be happy).   Hope they last as long as the last pair.

New Sandals


  1. Looks like your feet WILL be happy.

  2. Ah yes, I have a similar problem. Always hoping to find the perfect pair of sandals (though with the summer we've had, shoes and socks have been more necessary...)

  3. PS I don't know the artist's name for sure but if you click on Artist it takes you to a (blog?) site.

  4. I'm just the same - super fussy, only a few brands really seem to fit and give the right support, and can't STAND anything between my toes. :)

    Glad you found a pair.


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