Monday, July 2, 2012

Irish Movies

Seems like we've been on an Irish movie kick lately, rewatching some old favorites.  It started with Watching Ned Devine,  a story about a tiny Irish town that conspires to collect on a winning lottery ticket that is owned by Ned who has unfortunately died after writing his name on the winning ticket and watching the results show.  Very touching and very funny.

Then it was The Secret of Roan Inish, a bit of a fable about returning to where we belong, selkies, and a little lost boy.  The music is haunting, the scenery gorgeous and its story well told.

Waiting for us is The Boys and Girls From County Clare, the story of an Irish ceili band competition.  It stars Colm Meany and as always he's perfect.  The story is about the competition between 3 brothers, 2 who have left Ireland, to win the ceili band competition.  During some parts I laughed till I cried.

I'd also recommend The Commitments, the story of an Irish "soul" band that was put together only to self destruct.  Great music.  Loved the people who came to try out for the band.  Colm Meany is again in this one.  The Commitments, is the first of a trilogy that includes The Snapper and The Van, neither of which we like as well, but each had their moments.


  1. Waking Ned is a brilliant film, but hard to come by over here - I was trying to get a copy a while back, and it was exorbitantly expensive! Keeping my eyes open for it at a car boot sale instead! Also love The Commitments, so will have to look out for the other two now!

  2. oh I lobe wking Ned and ommitments..the music in both were excellent!

  3. don't quite know what happened to my comment there...should be-
    Oh I Love Waking Ned and the Commitments...the music in both films were excellent!

  4. Love "Waking Ned" but haven't seen any of the others yet. Thanks for the recommendations!

    A very serious, but very good, Irish movie is "Veronica Guerin" starring Cate Blanchett (who of course is not Irish, but the story is). Not a happy ending movie, but excellently made and acted.

    Hope you're staying as cool as you can down there!

  5. I've seen The Commitments, which I loved, but have never heard of the others, I shall have to look out for them.


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