Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We've been trying to eat a few different things this summer, both for variety and some to be lighter.
We both love lamb, but it tends to be heavy, there's a lamb shank laying in the freezer, but it's just to hot to cook it.  So when I spotted some lamb shoulder chops (which cost less than the price of a new car which is what regular lamb chops cost) at the store I told Mac we'd fix lamb kebabs.
I have long skewers we'd bought when we lived in Turkey ( and oh the lamb was so cheap there) and I added fresh whole mushrooms, potato chunks, green peppers, Vidalia onions and lamb chunks.  Mac brushed them with olive oil, sprinkled on garlic salt and put them on the grill.  Oh were they delicious!
Then yesterday we'd said we'd go into Savannah and eat somewhere we'd never eaten before.  But it was so hot and humid that neither of us thought we could deal with Savannah and the hordes of tourists who are always there in the summer.
Mac asked what I was in the mood for and I said that as long as it was something different and that the meal ended with something chocolate I didn't care.  He loves obscure little Mom and Pop places so he looked on the internet and found a place called IdaMae's in Midway a town about 9 miles down a back road from here.  So off we went with air conditioning blasting, and quite frankly as long as it was on I'd gone anywhere and eaten anything.  We drove up and down and sideways in Midway, but could not find IdaMae's, so we headed inland, the only direction we hadn't tried.  Eventually we drove past IdaMae's, which turned out to be a barbque shed with outdoor picnic tables.  In this weather I wouldn't even consider it.
By that time we were almost to Hinesville, the town nearest Ft. Stewart and we knew there'd be German restaurants there, and we hadn't had German food in forever.  So finding a huge billboard on the way into town advertising Zum Rosenhof we went in search of it, and it was well worth the search.
We both love Schnitzel and they had about a dozen different kinds, but we decide to throw caution to the wind and ordered a house specialty A Trip Through Germany for Two.  It included 2 salads,  a Wiener Schnitzel, a Jaeger Schnitzel, a Zigeuner Schnitzel, 2 Bratwursts, 2 bowls of Pomme Frittes, Kartoffelsalaten for 2 and 2 Brotchen. We washed all that down with some German beer (can't remember the name) And topped the meal off with a gooey piece of luscious German Chocolate Cake that we shared.  It was so rich we couldn't finish it.    I wish I'd taken pictures of the food, but we were too busy eating!
It was wonderful, we're looking for a reason  to go back, and as our daughter is coming down at the end of the month that may be the best reason of all, I mean, she was born in Germany.


  1. Turkey, Germany ... was someone in the military?

    I love lamb kebabs. I like to put onions, peppers, and mushrooms on mine - with a lime-ginger-garlic-cilantro marinade and sauce.

    Lamb IS ruinously expensive - we're lucky enough to have an organic farming friend who raises them. We get half a lamb every spring and it averages out to about $4/lb. Worth every penny!

  2. Yes Mac was in the Army for 21years. If I could get lamb for four dollars a pound we'd live on lamb.


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