Monday, July 16, 2012


And I'd like to say that liven' is easy, but what it is, is hot and humid....I'm so looking forward to fall.  If I get any less active I may turn into a piece of furniture, probably a couch the way I lounge around.    Outside of doing just enough housework to keep this place from becoming a health hazard, I have done very little.  And that which I have done involves very little physical activity.  I've started a painting, first one in forever, and in the meantime Mac has done a slew of them as well as selling a couple at our Etsy shop.
I've read a couple of books, but only one worth noting, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon,  a rather lengthy Spanish love story/fable, with some really strange characters.  I don't know it I'd recommend it, but it certainly held my interest.
Watched one good movie, The Artist, the silent movie that won the Academy Award.  It was excellent, really enjoyed the performance of Jean Dujardin, he was perfect.
The   birds are new paintings and the the underwater paintings are the ones he sold.

Not much else going on, hope to go into Savannah this week for lunch, if I don't melt in the meantime. 


  1. and we are having nothing but rain over here in the UK!

  2. I love to see the male cardinal feeding the female and the paintings of this are so good!
    Do you also have painted buntings, you are so lucky! I would be in heaven to see one.

  3. I really like the turtle.

    For once in my life I too am looking forward to fall.

  4. I'll swap you a bit of our rain for a bit of your sunshine, there's not much in the way of it over here at the moment. I love the turtle picture.

  5. Lovely pictures, all of them.
    I read The Shadow of the Wind some years ago, it made an impression.
    We have more or less the same weather here as the do in UK. It's been wet and cold summer so far.

  6. Like you I found 'Shadow in the Wind' strange but intriguing and it certainly left an impression. His second one 'The Angels Game' was even stranger. I haven't seen 'The Artist' yet I heard so many good reviews of it:)


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