Monday, July 30, 2012

This is Not the Wild Kingdom

While our daughter was here this weekend we also had another visitor.  One of the local alligators came to call.  Mac and April went out to look at him and he was actually laying on the sand edge of our yard.  They'd been out there feeding the fish and turtles and he, I mean who besides a herpetologist or a zoologist would know what sex it was, decided his need for leftover French Fries was greater than the needs of others.
They watched him from the deck off the house, moved to the middle of the yard and then moved within 10 feet of him.  They kept waiting for him to take off, he didn't.  I came out and joined them and he still didn't move, finally Mac moved really close and he whipped around and slapped the water and went under.  But he didn't leave, he hung around looking for more food.
We don't feed alligators, ever, it's against state and federal law, and against common sense.  When an alligator gets use to getting food from humans he comes to expect it and can become quite aggressive if they don't get it.  We have the feeling this alligator has been feed by people and that's not good.  He should have taken off as soon as we stepped into the yard.  In the water he didn't look very big, on land he was bigger, thicker and longer.  Hope he finds somewhere else to hand out, we won't be feeding the fish and turtle for awhile, don't want him to think this is a good place to hangout.

Our daughter took these pictures with her cell phone so they're a little fuzzy.


  1. OMG I'd not want one of those in my back garden - I think I'd never leave the house! Hope he doesn't come visiting again.

    I'll stick with my safe little british grass snake, thank you!!

  2. We have a hedgehog that comes into the garden to feed, but we can't match your alligator! He looks rather large and a bit hungry! Hope he takes the hint and moves off soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, that would have scared me silly.
    You should say, "Hope we DON'T see you later, alligator!!!"

  4. You do live where the wild things are.... :)


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