Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well they're finally done, slowed by lack of red thread, big buttons, the heat  and a bit of incompetence, they took far longer to make than they should have.
The polka dotted one has two pockets in it, I lined it in a third polka dotted fabric and made the pockets out of a checked material.
The pattern for the  strawberry one didn't call for a contrasting band at the top but I decided that it needed it anyway.
They look very summery, and if I ever decide to carry something besides my backpack purse I just might use one of them.


  1. I have far too many bags!
    These look lovely and summery as you say, I hope you use them.

  2. You clever thing you. Adore the strawberry one.

  3. Definitely a red band for the berry bag. I have too many bags too, but it doesn't stop me from being tempted to have more. These are very cute.


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