Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Few Random Things.

While cleaning out some plant pots Mac found some small eggs and decided to collect them to see what exactly they were.  He figured they were lizard eggs and he was right, the first one hatched and tried to make a run for it.  Mac took its picture and let it go.  There are 2 more eggs left to hatch.  The lizard is just a simple Anole.  He needs to get into the garden and eat insects.  Lizards are always welcome here.  Though Miss Kitty, licking her thin grey lips, might put a different interpretation on that.
I've been working diligently at my German and making pretty good progress, except I'm having a time of it with "Der", "Die", Das", the 3 forms of the word for "the".  I don't mind that things are feminine, masculine or neuter, I'm use to that from Spanish.  But give me a clue, Spanish does:  if it ends in "a" it's feminine, if it ends in "o" it's masculine.  There are exceptions, but not many.
German doesn't work that way and I've had to resort to making flash cards and memorizing the word with its "the".  For example: das Essen, the food, note that food is neuter.  die Biene, the bee, a bee is feminine, der Stuhl, the chair, a chair is masculine.
Favorite German word right now, bezahle, which means to pay.  I just like the sound of it
Lots of rain last night, over an inch with lots of thunder and lightning.  We needed the rain, but not the other.  And of course it made a mess of the pool so I'll need to clean it up.

Isn't he a cutey?


  1. I like the word 'allerdings'. Got a sort of ring to it!

  2. Good luck with your German. Amazing to see the tiny just born lizard!

  3. Good for you, learning German! Amazing to see the baby lizard. We have salamanders here. Take care and Happy 4th! x Karen

  4. What fun having baby lizards hatching and then they help to control your insect population as well. It's a win win situation:)

  5. Certainly different to see baby lizards hatching ...

    Wish you well with your German, I tried to learn a few words many years ago, but that was quite some time ago now ...and I have to say I have forgotten them!

    Au revoir (sorry that's French) I should have said Auf Wiedersehen !!!

    All the best Jan

  6. What a treat to see the baby lizard. I don't remember a lot of the German I learnt whilst living out there but I suppose if used a lot if would come back. Have a great weekend.

  7. I love the idea of hatching out baby lizards! Not so much the idea of trying to learn German. Think I will give that a miss.

  8. He is a cutey! I like lizards! I cannot imagine learning to speak German! Wow!

  9. I grew up in South Africa and learnt Afrikaans which was heavily influenced by Dutch and German and 'to pay' is betaal - similar but different! I love how languages evolve.

  10. We have them everywhere! Hugs,

  11. Lizards make me cringe. We all have our fears. I applaud you for learning German. It seems to be a very hard language to understand.


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