Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hitching Up the Horses

We'd put it off as long as we could and it was time to hitch up the horses and head into town.  Did as much of our morning walk as we  could stand to do, cleaned up and headed in, we live about 8 miles from town and try to combine as many errands as we can when we finally break down and go in.  Had to drop some of Mac's pants at the cleaners to have them altered.  I can sew, but for the life of me I can't hem a pair a pants and take them in without making one leg shorter than the other.
Coming out of the cleaners Mac pointed out that I'd had my senior moment for the day.  I had new pants on and they still had the sticky tag running down one leg, didn't I look great!
Then it was off to the bank to order foreign currency, have a trip coming up and we like to have some local currency.  Then to Great Clips to get Mac a hair cut.  I can't stand having my hair cut in a shop and will occasionally grab up the scissors and cut an inch or two off mine, and that's probably going to happen fairly soon.  His cut looks great.
Then we stopped by the local fresh seafood shop where Mac has some of his paintings hanging.  Nothing has sold so he changed the paintings.
Then off to the post office to mail a package, someone in California bought a painting of his and it had to be mailed.  He sold another one to Michigan and it will get mailed tomorrow.  It always seems to go in streaks like that.  None sell for a while and then several at once.
After that it was finally time to go and have some breakfast.  I almost never cook breakfast at home and when I do it's usually for lunch of dinner, so it's a treat to go out and actually have breakfast.
Our last stop was at the grocery store to stock up on veggies, we eat a lot of them.
Finally, home again, home again, jiggity jig.
Now all I have to do it exercise, I'm waiting for my food to settle,  and get in the pool.  Hot day, but worse is to come, 99º on Friday and Saturday.  Summer is well and truly here.  Mac keeps checking the stats to see if days are actually getting shorter and worries when they don't.  Fall can't come too soon.
This is my painting, but he sold an identical one without the frame.  The other painting was of a red-headed woodpecker on a birch tree, but I can't find a picture of it.  After writing that Mac found the picture so here it is.


  1. Wow, that was a busy day! Tell Mac that your trouser label was a style statement!! Tell him all the best bloggers are doing it!! Hee hee! Lovely that Mac sold some of his lovely paintings! I am sure the new owners will love them.

  2. You know when you hitched up the horses and went into town, I hope you remembered to wear your bonnet! HA!
    That strip on your pants leg sounds just like something I would do, honest.
    Happy that Mac's paintings sold!
    And are you planning a trip to England? Enjoy and eat some cheese scones for me!

  3. wouldn't want to have to keep up with you two! The heat has hit us here in northeast Texas finally too. Congrats to Mac for selling his paintings.

  4. I am not surprised Mac sells his paintings, he certainly is a talented artist. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  5. Our temps are only a few degrees behind yours--I'm planning to spend most of the next week indoors. Lovely painting of the fox--I know they are naughty, but a healthy one is a beautiful creature.

  6. A busy day. I had a little chuckle at you leaving the sticky tag on your trousers, that's something I'd do. I'm sure Mac's customers will be thrilled with their purchases, I always admire his paintings when you show them and when you change your header.

  7. Yesterday I went to an art group at a local church. When I got home I looked in the mirror and my shirt was skewed due to buttoning being one off...and no one told me :) sigh...


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