Tuesday, June 21, 2016

With Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein

The grass was as high as an elephant's eye, so allergies be d*****d  it was time to mow the lawn again.  Some of our neighbors have the gas or electric push/self-propelleded ones, but we're on nearly and acre and we tried that for awhile and finally broke down and bought a riding lawn mower.  Mac picks up the pine cones with an ugly getter and I drive the mower.  This time I remembered to not smile.
Hot today, but not miserable after another cool night.
I did laundry, made bread and tried to play a piece of music that's driving me crazy, it has 5 flats, 5, even C Flat and occasionally he throws a 6th one in,  F Flat.  Come on, if you want a B, just tell me to play a B, not a C Flat or if you want E ask for E, not F Flat.
And may I also point out, my small hand can span an octave and slightly more, but if you want more than that it ain't going to happen, I'll have to make it into a broken chord.
Still, it's a beautiful piece, even if I have to play it very slowly.  It's Intermezzo by Edward Mac Dowell.  I wish I sounded like this when I play it.



  1. The grass is growing really fast here too, it's all the rain we're getting. A lovely piece of music.

  2. Our grass is growing at quite a rate, but at least we don't have as much to mow as you! We have a petrol (gas) mower that we (Hubby) push round. Enjoy your piano playing. I can span 10 notes, but I can't play!

  3. With my hands I couldn't even get the first note to play. Lovely piece.
    You need a sheep or two for mowing !

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. I've never understood those odd flats--as you say, an "E" not an F flat! Better flats than sharps--why do they seem more awkward?

  5. Our grass is growning like mad, but lovely and green - fortunately we have a lovely man to do it, and he even brings his own mower.

  6. Beautiful piece of music, my daughters all play the piano but sadly I don't. All the rain we have had has made the grass grow twice as quick. I do not envy you having to cut that large plot.

  7. Five flats, that's plain mean. It's a beautiful piece though. Our piano is undergoing a hammering at the moment as my girls have their piano exams in nine days. Grass (and weeds) growing madly here too. I'd love to have a go on a ride on mower :-)

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