Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...And So It Begins

We started work on our big upstairs room today.  I've never really been sure what to call this room.  It's not the Family room, we have one of those downstairs.  It's not a rec room, I don't even think they call anything a rec room any more.  Some places call this room a FROG, which stands for Finished Room Over Garage.  Others call it a bonus room. We just call it "Upstairs", as in, "Are you going Upstairs?"
 Anyway, we've had it set up with a Pub at one end, Mac has been collecting Pub stuff (mugs, beer mats, mirrors, drink pitchers) for years, and at the other end is our Media Room, isn't that trendy sounding?  That's the end that has a TV, DVD and about a million books.  So before we put the new floor in we're painting and we've been waiting for a good rainy day to start and so here we are. Paint estimater beyond compare, I bought a single gallon of white paint.  Now why I thought a gallon would cover this room when the floor that we measured for the new flooring came to 342 sq.ft., I don't know.  A gallon covered slightly less than half of it.  I've painted enough that I should have known that. 
The painting went pretty well, we have packed up a good bit of the room, covered the leather chairs, taken everything off the walls, only painted the cat a little and just let fly.  Doesn't matter if we get paint on the rug, it's out of here, and not a moment too soon.  I don't know what the previous owners did to the rugs in this house, and quite frankly I don't want to know, but I'm going to be very happy with my new wood floors.

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