Monday, October 5, 2009

I Hate Cell Phones

I hate cell phones and I'm beginning to hate people who can't live without them.  I'm tired of hearing inane conversations, tired of having sales people act like they're so put upon having to put their cell phone down to wait on me ,  and  tired of drivers nearly running me over as they drive and text.
Everyone has a cell phone, even the dude in the picture to the left , but you don't have to spend your life with it glued to your ear.  I have even seen a girl talking on a cell phone while she was dancing with her date.  He should have left her on the floor so she could finish that which was so much more important than being with him.
I've seen parents and children walking together and each talking on a cell phone.  What's wrong with folks, can they not stand the thought of not being electronically connected. 
Researchers have found that using a cell phone raises the temperature of the brain.  Not a lot perhaps, but most folks have so little brain to begin with they don't need to be parboiling the little they have.
I have a cell phone, it lives in either my purse or the glove compartment of my car.  I use it when I'm lost (frequently), when I've forgotten what I'm at the store for ("Hello Mac ...), or when meeting someone and have to share locations.  I don't live on, almost never turn it on, don't even know my cell phone number, have to look it up when I need it.    So don't try and call me on my cell phone, it's not on, and I never check for missed messages.  Try my landline instead, I check it occasionally, or e-mail me or tag me on Facebook, but don't call my cell phone.

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