Friday, January 7, 2011

The High Price of Having Fun

As I was ironing yesterday, a bit of a rare occurrence for me, I gave my iron a good look and tried to remember when I'd bought it.  But I've had it so long I have no idea when I'd gotten it.  And though I don't use it often when I need it,  I need it.  So I began to get  a bit worried.  Most of my other appliances are heading down hill, could my iron be far behind?  When I start having trouble with something the first thing I do is price a new one so I'll have an idea of what costs may be ahead.  Now I like my iron, as much as one can like something that's made to do something that you don't want to do in the first place, it's a rather nice little Black and Decker steam iron with an extra long cord.  When I priced a new one I found that I could get one for anything from $18.00 - $28.00, not bad.  That made me wonder what a better iron might cost, though in my opinion the only better one would be one that did the ironing without any assistance from me.

 The $175 Rowents
Anyway, I checked out Macy's where I do a bit of shopping and found one, a Rowenta that cost $175.00, I couldn't hardly believe it.  Granted it had a great  LED display for heat selection, 400 steam holes and an extra large water tank, all things that I so woefully I  need (HA)and dream about in my spare time, but would anyone really pay that much money for an iron?  Maybe if your maid insists on it, but I think I'll stick with my little Black and Decker.


  1. How interesting - how do you manage not to use an iron much?

    Happy New Year!

  2. I quite like ironing! I know I'm not supposed to say that but so long as I have something decent on the tv while I'm doing it, then I really don't mind. My iron is a hypo-cheapo Tesco Value (£3.83) and it's far better than the expensive one which sits in the cupboard!!


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