Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Want A Real Knife

No I'm not feeling felonious, it's just that how can I be expected to cook like Nigella, Giata and Ina if I don't have a knife like theirs.  All I have is a puny little paring knife.  I long to dice and slice with panache. If you've seen the movie Julie and Julia and saw the scene where Julia Childs goes to cooking school and realizes she doesn't know how to slice and chop you know what I mean.
Each time I watch one of their cooking shows and watch the veggies flying I sigh, turn to my husband and ask, "Can I have a knife like that?'.  He shudders slightly and always says NO!  It's not that I'm dangerous in the kitchen, it's merely that I not the most dextrous person in the world and his visions of me with a large sharp knife give him nightmares.

So for now it's just me and my itty, bitty paring knife, sigh.


  1. I'm inclined to be fumbly with kitchen tools. Love that word 'felonious!'

  2. I have a superb cook's knife but it doesn't make me any better at slicing and chopping things:) I saw Julie and Julia when I was in the US in 2009 and really enjoyed it but I'm afraid all the cooking schools in the world wouldn't make me look like a real chef.


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