Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it Tuesday Already?

My Pie Birds
The weekend zipped on out of here, then  Monday was spent rearranging appointments  because of the weather, going to the one appointment I couldn't postpone because I need new contacts and you must have your eyes examined at least once a year in order to get your prescription renewed.   I just opened my last contact, and of course my vision is so bad that my contacts are a specialty order and they take a while to get here, so I had to keep that appointment.  Now it's Tuesday and   I'm not sure I'm  ready for it.
I've been busy putting things in our shop at etsy (MacQue), a few more paintings, an old Villeroy and Boch rumtopf, a piece of vintage pewter, all part of my cleaning out the cupboards.
I'm still sorting out my Christmas presents and one thing that was kind of a Christmas present.  I've been baking my own bread for the  past 6 months or so and keeping it fresh has proven to be a challenge.  We wrap it up in Saran wrap, my generic name for all clingy wrapping paper, but it hasn't been ideal.  Mac looked at a lot of bread boxes for me, but I was really fussy, didn't want wood or metal, preferred ceramic and didn't want him to spend a fortune.  So he decided to let it go as a gift and I'd search for one after Christmas.
He did give me 2 pie birds, one vintage , Little Red Riding Hood, and one new one, a cardinal.
After Christmas   I got a sale catalog and found a canister that would work as a bread box, and I liked that it stood up and would take less room on my counter.  It's in the Winterberry pattern and I already had other pieces from that pattern so I'm pleased.
Bread Box

And there goes my Tuesday, another appointment tomorrow so Wednesday's shot, before you know it my week is gone.  As I often tell people I do not know how I ever found time to work.


  1. I agree with you there. I've been in early retirement for a number of years since an accident, and all (well...) people seem to ask me is what I DO all day - as if that was the biggest problem. Since it isn't, I never know quite what to say.

  2. I'm still wondering how people find time to get bored after they retire. Both my husband and I retired early out of choice and have never looked back.

  3. I bake all our own bread. However I try to keep it fresh we usually end up with the heel of the loaf going moldy.


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