Monday, January 3, 2011

Home-made Christmas

As I said I made quite a few of the gifts I gave this Christmas and of course because my family reads this Blog I couldn't show pictures, ah, but now I can.

For my husband I made him a Journal for his Nature writing and I worked with Vista (an interesting company) and uploaded photos to make him a calendar.

For my daughter who is into everything Japanese, traveling there whenever she has the time and money I made a semi-quilted wall hanging and a bag.


  1. Golly! You seem to have made lots of wonderful home-made gifts - I'm very impressed. I always mean to, and then don't get round to it, although I did knit a number of dishcloths to give as little presents to people.

  2. Oooh clever you! The wall hanging and bag look particularly lovely.

  3. Making things is so satisfying--and I think the recipient knows that they've been given something especially for them.


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