Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mowing the Lawn and Other Random Acts

I like mowing the lawn, I sit on the mower and think about everything,  and nothing.  It's a beautiful day here today, well up in the 60's, loads of sunshine and thoughts of spring drift through my mind. I didn't really mow the lawn so much as I used the mower to blow all the leaves and pine straw off the lawn and put it around the trees.  I know I should rake it, but my back, which rules my life, hates raking, so I mowed instead.
I did some garden dreaming as I mowed, but temperatures are expected to go below freezing again this weekend so I'll dream and not plant yet.
Mac has broad beans and peas growing in his garden and I'm wanting to start some lettuce, cabbage and broccoli as soon as I can find some starter plants, I have no luck with seeds at all, I'm sure I overwater them, but I can't seem to stop myself.
Broad Bean
Back in the house bread is baking in the kitchen and it smells heavenly, it's a honey white bread recipe and we really like it.  Tomorrow I will be attempting, and that's a good word to describe what will be going on, to make orange marmalade.  I downloaded a recipe from the internet and have a bag of lovely oranges, so I 'm hopeful.  If nothing else we'll have some interesting orange juice.

Craftwise I've been working on my ripple afghan, I wrote about it in an earlier blog where I told how I hadn't bought enough yarn to make it.  Well I thought I had fixed that problem but after Christmas when I really took a look at what I was doing I realized that again I was going to run out of yarn, and looking even closer I realized that  the afghan was getting wider  but not longer, so being unable to figure out where I had gone wrong I undid the whole thing and started over.  That was a pain, but the good news is that it is really going quickly and I should finish in the next week or so.

I've also been working on some dish towels that I sewed and stamped with lighthouse designs to embroider.  I'm not good at sitting still, if I were in school now I'm sure I'd be labeled hyperactive, except when my nose is buried in a book---I'm doing the afghan while I watch tv and I can't do that and embroider--- so I don't work on them as much as I should and they may take awhile.

That's my week so far, not counting annual exams, house refinance, grocery shopping, house cleaning, picking up new contact lens,  playing the piano  and trying to staying warm.

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  1. Good luck with the marmalade. I hope to get oranges this week to start mine. I always enjoy making it, once I start - it's starting that's the problem!


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