Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Another Sunny Day in Florida

While on the internet today I noticed 2 stories coming out of Florida and they both involved snakes, as well as dog walking and home improvement shopping.  Very interesting, but spooky.
One man was walking his dog outside his apartment complex and ran into a 15 foot python, doesn't that just make your day!  It took numerous police and animal control personnel to take it away.  They're now checking to see if it has a micro chip inplanted so they can trace the owner to see if the python escaped, or more likely, was set free.  Definitely makes your dog walking more interesting.
Pit Viper
And the other incident took place in a Lowes, a home improvement store.  A man was reaching for some pavers for a patio he was going to build and he was bit twice by a pit viper, store personnel beat the snake and the man and snake were taken to the hospital.  The man is doing well, the snake is not.  That will give you something to think about the next time you go looking for something at a home improvement store.


  1. I'm glad we don't have these problems in the UK! My eldest son who lives in South Africa had to remove a spitting cobra from his washing machine a week or two back - it lives on the verandah fortunately (the washing machine that is not the cobra!) He did have some help and none of them got bitten thank goodness.

  2. Scary! We have a lot of black snakes that roam through the yard, not poisonous, but not the least bit afraid of people either. Have seen the occasional rattlesnake, but not in the yard thank goodness.


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