Monday, January 31, 2011

Walk to the Creek

We went to the Ft. McAllister yesterday for a longer than usual walk just because the weather was glorious.  The walk was through the mixed forest, across the salt marshes and out to a lookout point that overlooks Redbird Creek.  Along the way they name a few of the trees and birds, but the only bird we saw was a young blue heron landing in the water across the marsh too far away to get a picture of.  One of the trees they identified was the yaupon tree.  The Indians use to brew the  leaves, which contain caffeine, to make a drink that induced vomiting.  Seems they liked to do this before embarking on long journeys. I guess it made them feel they were traveling lighter.
We stopped at the lookout point for a while looking for signs of life, but things were pretty still, not even many tracks in the mud.  We didn't hear many birds either, I guess they'd all gone some where else to be included in the national bird count.

Boardwalk across the salt marsh

Salt marsh

Redbird Creek

Anyway, it was a great walk, came home, puttered  in the garden and braised a lamb shank for lunch, a lovely Sunday with no work week ahead of it, to quote Candace, "How divine!"


  1. A nice wander. It looks warm and blue sky there too. I'm starting to miss warm sunshine!

  2. Lovely photos - wish we had some of that sunshine here!:) Congratulations on winning my giveaway - please would you send your details to me? Best wishes, Pj x

  3. That sounds/looks like an interesting place for a walk--though maybe in summertime there are snakes? [I couldn't look at your snake-y post!]

  4. That looks a lovely walk, very tranquil. It looks nice and warm as well, we're getting sunny days but I'm beginning to long to feel the warmth of the sun on my back. Soon now hopefully....


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