Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Rat Killing

No, it's not what it sounds like.  Let me see if I can explain.  When we first moved here we went out dancing a lot  and met a lot of bands.  Some of them have become good friends.  One of them, J.R. a bass player,  works for a company whose owner is a wanna be drum player.  Because he never got a chance to play in a band once a year he throws a party at his company, provides food and drink and invites all the people who make music to come and play. I heard the keyboard player say he worked on a cruise ship, one of the guitar players is from the 70's group Kansas and lots  of the others were from local bands.
We'd been invited to go before, but this was the first time we'd actually made it there and it was incredible, much better than Bob Dylan.  With a heavy emphasis on southern rock the music was outstanding.  Whoever wanted to play just plugged in and joined in, during one song there were 5 guitars, 2 drummers and a keyboard.
Our friend J.R.'s granddaughter is learning to play guitar, she's 8, and she joined in for a couple of songs too.
Still don't know why it's called a rat killing unless it's because sometimes the music is so loud it kills all the rats in the neighborhood.
What a wonderful afternoon we had.  Can't wait till next year.


  1. you guys are too great - love that you meet all these bands - have never heard that expression!

  2. Looks like a lot of middle aged men who have longings meeting up to play and enjoy themselves. I love it.

  3. I love days like this when everyone gets together and has fun, theres nothing quite like it x

  4. Sounds like that's the kind of music so good it brings tears to my eyes. And nothing like live music!
    Maybe it's called a rat killing because everyone is so busy stomping their feet to the beat.
    . . I'll go off and check with Professor Google.

  5. I live in a little town with a lot of musicians. There is an "squeeze box" group whose talent I truly envy. I cannot imagine playing a concertina.
    All of them have regular amateur gigs. The one I like the most is Music on the Porches, and small groups play all over town and people come to admire their talent.

  6. Ok you fooled me there , phew it wasn't a rat!! Sounds like lots of musical fun.


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