Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's Saturday

And though the weekend doesn't give me the thrill it did when I was working, it's still nice.
My "Easter" Lilies
My Lilies are blooming, a week late, but I'm not complaining and they haven't complained about the fact that I've just gotten around to weeding their bed.
My peas are 2 inches high already, show-offs.
We've been watching The Masters, what a beautiful setting and a great tournament.  We went to it years ago when we lived in Augusta.  Now each year they send me an invite to get into the lottery to get tickets.  So far I haven't been lucky.  You can actually see it better on tv anyway or so I console myself.
Also enjoying the return of baseball.  Except for sports we watch very little tv, but we watch lots of sports.  Enjoying the Atlanta Braves.  They're in first place, it won't last, but it's fun while they're there.  They traded off most of their team in the off-season so we aren't expecting much from them.
Mac's been cleaning the pool, there have been times when I swam in April, but that's back when I didn't worry too much about the cold water giving me a heart attack.
Enjoy your weekend.

My Impatiens are doing well too, they're supposed to be
an annual, but Mac dug them up and kept them in
the old greenhouse all winter.  I'll replant them soon.


  1. Lovely lilies and it's good that they're flowering for you.

  2. Sounds as though Spring is bursting out there too.

  3. I actually saw the Braves play back in 1970 when my husband was stationed at Fort Benning. Even better, Satchel Paige played that day!

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