Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bob Dylan

We went to see Bob Dylan in concert last night.  We were so excited, we'd always wanted to see him. His discography was the song list of the 60's, Blowin' in the Wind, Just Like a Woman, Shelter From the Storm, Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Wagon Wheel, Rainy Day Woman, Mr. Tambourine Man, Positively 4th Street, Tangled Up in Blue, Subterranean Homesick Blues, The Times They Are a Changin' and so much more.
Of course he's been recording for 50 years nearly so we knew he'd be playing a lot of newer stuff we weren't as familiar with, but that was ok, it was Dylan after all.
Had great seats, front row of the balcony, no one in front of us and a wide ledge to lean on.  We looked down on the orchestra where the seats had been priced at $300, Mac was tempted, but I wasn't.
Their seats weren't nearly as comfortable as ours, no arms and they were below the level of the stage.
Concert started right on time, but we were surprised at how far back on the stage the band had set up, Dylan was standing where you'd normally expect the drummer to be and the rest of the band was even further back.  But that was ok, it was Dylan.
Didn't recognize the first song or the next or the next or the next or the next, come on Bob.  Now we knew Dylan is not known for his stage presence, we were prepared for that and he lived up to his reputation, he never addressed the audience, introduced his band or anything.  He didn't play his guitar at all, his harmonica only a little and the baby grand piano a lot.  Dylan playing a baby grand, not what we expected.
Finally he sang a song we recognized, Tangled Up In Blue, a favorite of mine.  Took a while to recognize it, he left off most of the beginning and mumbled his way through the middle and that was about it.
The band then took a 30 minute break, came back and played a bunch more songs no one had ever heard (I basing that on audience reaction) and threw us a bone, he sang A Simple Twist of Fate and it only took a quarter of the way through the song for me to recognize it.
Now I'm not going to complain about a singer/songwriter reinterpreting their own songs, they have the right, but make it better, not worse.
After about 45 minutes the band left the stage, everyone waited for an encore and finally they came back out with Dylan at the piano again and he opened with another unrecognizable song.
We left, got up and walked out on Bob Dylan, how sad.


  1. Oh, how sad when you were expecting someone great. Obviously it was not his day. Perhaps he's had his day!

  2. Dylan is an old favourite of mine too but I've never seen him live in concert. Sorry the concert was a disappointment to you. I do have to say I like some of his albums a lot better than others. Not that I have them all! (not by far...) Of the more recent ones I've bought or listened to, the one I like best is Modern Times (2006). (Well perhaps that's not even to be counted as "recent" any more...)

  3. I saw Dylan a couple of summers ago. It was his show, opened by Willie and, I think, John Mellancamp. I went with two friends and we were there to see Willie and John, neither of whom disappointed. I hoped better of Bob, but got what you described. He just can't let it go.

  4. What a disappointment. I don't know why these performers carry on when they're past their best, they just can't seem to call it a day. They should pack it in while they're still at the top of their game leaving people wanting more rather than remembering them on the downward spiral.

  5. Sounds like Bob has gone from cranky youth to cranky old age.
    All the better that you didn't pay for those pricy seats in front.

  6. Well it does sound like it's time for Dylan to retire. I like a few of his songs but have never been a big fan of his. Thank you for visiting and for following my blog...which led me find yours. My husband is from Georgia. I'm sorry about your Dad. I was reading about the three rose bushes. Look forward to visiting again.

  7. How disappointing. I would have wanted my money back!

  8. I'm a great believer in quit while you're ahead. I don't quite understand why these guys keep performing when they are obviously past their best, and taking good money for it which they obviously don't need.


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