Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy, and others,  at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.  My choice this week is for the 5 household jobs I absolutely hate.  I'm not a big fan of housework to begin with, but some jobs just send me up the wall.

1.  I hate dusting, I'd rather clean 10 toilets than dust one room.  When our daughter was young and still living at home it was the first job I paid her to do.  If it weren't for allergies I'd probable never do it.

2.  Cleaning the plantation blinds we have in nearly every window in  this house and we have about 23 windows is another job I postpone as long as I can.   It takes forever to get them done and I generally do one room at a time, wheezing as I go.

3.  Cleaning baseboards is another bugger.  We have 6 inch baseboards and it takes forever to clean them.  Someone suggested cleaning them with dryer sheets and that does help, but it doesn't help my knees.  Even using my garden kneeler my knees have a fit.

4.  Putting dishes up is a pill.  I could just leave them in the dish drainer, but I like to keep my sink clean and empty so they have to be put up.  I have a friend who only uses paper plates because she hates doing dishes, but I don't like paper plates.

5.  Mopping the floor wears my back out.  There aren't a lot of floors that need mopping in our house , thank goodness, but using a mop makes my back ache.  I actually do the kitchen floor on my hands and knees most of the time,  my knees don't like it, but my back appreciates it.

So that's my 5, enough whining for awhile.


  1. Dust is one of life's great mysteries. Comes from nowhere and settles everywhere, and once you're done cleaning it's time to start over again...

  2. The thing I hate more than anything else is cleaning windows, washing the kitchen floor isn't too bad now I have a steam cleaner I don't mind the cleaning its having to move furniture that bugs me, now I have a battery vacumn cleaner I'm better at using it as I hate more than anything trailing flexes - so cutting the lawns is also a pfaff for me with the trailing cables, so annoying:)

  3. I'm spring cleaning this week and last week so I could give you at least five of those jobs I'm not fond of. #1 is cleaning carpets. It's exhausting! It's so nice when everything is done though.

  4. I'd rather dust ten rooms than clean one toilet.
    I actually carpeted my old house so I would vacuum the baseboards as I went. Otherwise they would just get mungy.
    I was a good housekeeper back in the day. In a couple hours on Saturday morning my two daughters and I cleaned the house in two hours flat. But, no more. Everything I do makes something hurt. Especially my back.

  5. Oh dear - some of the words I didn't understand - don't know what base boards are - are they floor boards or are they what we call skirting boards (round the base of each wall)?
    I have a cleaner who comes once a week and I am afraid I turn a blind eye for anything which needs doing in between.
    Cleaning windows inside is a bit of a nuisance but we have just bought a window vac which sucks up the water - that helps enormously.
    Emptying the dishwasher - not my favourite job but better than washing up by hand - and like you I do like to keep the sink clean.
    Oh dear - as they say - a woman's work is never done.

  6. I'm with you an all of these! I would rather be gardening at this time of year! Thank you so much for joining in, don't forget to join the link up though so that others come and visit you! I hope that you have a great weekend - and have no housework to do!! xx

  7. I don't like cleaning blinds either. At all!

  8. Oh to have a cleaner, I hate housework. I'm not one of these people who's forever cleaning their house, so long as it isn't filthy that'll do for me. I have to dust and vacuum each day because of the dog hairs, but apart from that I leave things as long as I can get away with.

  9. You are so not alone on this. What a great idea for a post but really I would need to out more than five down here in the UK we call baseboards skirting boards so it took me a couple of seconds to work out what you meant. Love how we speak the same language but have our own native words


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