Thursday, April 9, 2015

Five on Friday

My Five on Friday has to do with books, what a surprise.  I read all the time, everything, ingredients on cans, advertisements, the dictionary, if it's in print I'm reading it.  So I'm always looking for sources of new books.
There are some Blogs I read that I can always trust for good recommendations.

The first is Marianne at Let's Read.  She's German, but currently living in the Netherlands.  She reads in German and English and has introduced me to so many new authors.  Her blog is well written, has great reviews and is one I always look forward to reading.

Second is Dani at A Work in Progress.  She blogs nearly every day and reads such a variety of books and short stories.  Amazon has made a small fortune off the books I've ordered after reading her reviews.

Third is Cathy at  Kittling: Books.  She mainly does mysteries, but I read tons of mysteries so I've found her very helpful in finding new books.  She also does This Week's Link Round-Up that has links to Books, Movies and other interesting Tidbits.

Fourth is Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy .  She writes about a variety of subjects, but it's her book blogging I enjoy the most.

Fifth is a mixture of sites:  Amazon (of course), Goodreads, BookBub, Flavorwire, Buzzfeed,, Penguin Classics

So go find a good book to read.


  1. Aaaawww, thank you so much for your praise, Janet. I love sharing my love of reading and it's other readers like you that make writing the blog worth my while. I hope some others can benefit from my international life, as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Marianne from Let's Read

    By the way, I currently live in the Netherlands but it's quite natural to be confused as I have lived in England and Belgium before. LOL

  2. They look like interesting places to visit, thanks for the links:)

  3. Just catching up with your exploits - you have alligators in your back yard???!!!!!! Oh my!! Interesting to hear about your family immigrants/emigrants. You should write their story xxx

  4. Hi there, sorry I didn't get by before, I am going to blog later today about the reason, but it was because I was a bloggy meet up yesterday and am now so very behind. Sorry again for not coming by before. Thank you as always for joining in. I hope that you are having a good weekend! xx

  5. I'll have to remember these sites to check out when I'm next looking for a good book! I have two waiting for me to start. Wendy


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