Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Another month gone, they do fly by.  Lots of rain here this weekend.  It rained Saturday morning and we thought we were through and then it started again Saturday night. Thunder and lightning all around, but not too close, lots of rain though, nearly an inch and a half and then the electricity went out for about 2 hours.  We were lucky, no trees down and over in the other areas there were trees down, electric lines down, 80 mph winds.  Spring is so volatile here.
I've managed to clean all the baseboards and blinds on the first floor of our house.  Need only do the floor in our bedroom and I've kind of been putting that off, big, big room.
I managed to finish the basket I was crocheting, first time I've crocheted with 2 strands.
The bug man came today.  It's a sad fact of life that if you live in the south you have to have your house sprayed on a regular basis to keep the creepy, crawlies at bay.
Tomorrow I'm off to the dermatologist.  The place on my nose was biopsied and came back as a basel cell cancer, not one of the bad ones, but it has to go.  So they'll be taking more parts off to make sure it's gone.  That means shots in my nose.  If you've never had a shot in your nose I have only one recommendation----DON'T.  So I'm not looking forward to that.  Plus the fact we're in for more storms, particularly tomorrow morning.
Oh May, I'm ready for you, flowers instead of rain.
My new header is a painting of Mac's that hangs in our bedroom.  I asked for a cow picture and this is the one he did.


  1. Oh gosh, sorry to hear about your skin problems, I do hope that all can be resolved tomorrow and that you will be well. I will be sending good thoughts and hugs to you. Definitely take the rest of the day - and week! - off cleaning after that!!! xx

  2. Ouch...I nose already huts for you. So glad it is something that can be taken care of.

    I adore the "cow picture" For some reason I'm drawn to painting like this. I would hang it in my home in a moment.

  3. I will keep you in my meditations that all will be well Janet.

  4. I just love the painting in your header, the cows and the woman. I do hope the numbness in your nose goes away fast. I have had shots for a crown on a tooth that numbed my nose. Not nice,

  5. HOpe the skin work goes well, how lucky they caught it in time.

    A terrific header picture! Is May your nicest month? I think it is the prettiest one in England, I always enjoy it, even though it's nicer when the sun is out.

  6. Best of luck with the nose. Another blogger I follow recently had a similar op, and was very pleased to have it all done with. She was mostly embarrassed about the plaster on her nose, fearing that people would think her husband had something to do with it.

  7. You are so blessed to "own" (ha) your very own artist. Truly, your guy is talented.

  8. The cow picture is beautiful!

    I hope it all went well for you at the doctor's today ... I can't even imagine getting a shot in the nose. Doesn't it make you want to sneeze?


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