Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday in the Swamp

Swamp Milkweed
And it's only fitting that I begin with my  White Swmap Milkweed, it's starting to bloom and will soon be covered in pretty purple flowers.  Yes I realize it's name says it's white, but trust me the flowers are purple.  I love blue and purple flowers.  Behind it you can see some pink Vincas    that I just put in.
The roses are doing exceptionally well this year, love this dark orange one.
The beans are all up and Mac put a trellis in for them to climb, the peas on the other side get string to hold onto.
Wish I could remember what the purple plant in the potatoes is.   Mac thought it had died, stuck it in with the potatoes that are getting ready to flower, and it just took off.
In the greenhouse Mac has started thinning the tomatoes and and transferring them to bigger pots.
In the garage this morning Mac saw a small brown marsh crab, he wanted to catch him and put him back out near water, he'll die if he stays in the garage, but he took off before Mac could catch him.
And just before I came back in the house, 2 turtles came hustling up to see if I had brought them any food, I hadn't, so they left.
Inside the house I've managed to clean the plantation blinds in 8 windows and the baseboards (yes the Brits call them skirting boards) in 3 rooms and put polish,wax on the computer room floor.
Surprise, surprise, nothing has been dusted.
Beans, Tellis on Right

Mystery Plant

Brown Marsh Crab

Part of Mac's Turtle Flotilla


  1. That's more housework than I am interested in.
    What an amazing number of critters down around your ankles.

  2. If the mystery plant is the one with red leaves, I have one but I don't know what it is! :)

  3. Hello little turtles - how adorable are they? like you i love purple and blue flowers, they are a great contrast to the green

  4. Appears you have the purple leaf version of oxalis- (shamrock plant)


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