Monday, April 6, 2015


I got rewarded for being a good girl last week.  Had to take my B-12 shot as well as visiting Melisandre my dermatologist who proceeded to burn my face and slice my nose--my nose absolutely hates her.
Didn't cry, thought I might, but sucked it up and didn't, didn't smile either.  No lollipop, but Mac took me out for Japanese food, Spring rolls which we shared and hibachi shrimp for me, it came with fried rice and veggies.   He had a Bento box that had white rice, California rolls and Tempura Shrimp.  Very tasty.  I told the waitress, who I assumed was Japanese, it was a Japanese restaurant and she was definitely Oriental, that our daughter was living in Japan.  She, in very broken English, said they were all from China.  So much for assumptions.
Spring Rolls

Bento Box

Hibachi Shrimp


  1. Your food looks ever so delicious! I hope your dermatologist is not routinely cruel to you!

  2. My youngest granddaughter has warts removed by several methods--from the bottoms of her feet. Good as they are, any trip to the dermatologist is cringe worthy, I would say.

  3. Richard also went to the dermatologist today, his face looks like he has been in battle, poor guy.
    He only had my cooking as a reward, once again...poor guy!
    Your meal looks lovely. x

  4. That food all looks delicious and totally unlike anything we can get around here.

  5. Oooh, that looks delicious. I love the header, is that another of Mac's?

  6. Sounds like you really needed a treat/reward!


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