Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ft. Sumpter

We've long wanted to visit Ft. Sumpter in Charleston, that's where the first shots in the Civil War were fired.  Ft. Sumpter had been built on a man-made island in Charleston harbor as part of the the string of forts built along the American east coast after the War of 1812.  We didn't want the British coming back and burning the White House again or any other towns.
The first shot at Ft. Sumpter were fired on April 12. 1861.  An interesting fact we learned was that the return fire by the Union troops was ordered by Captain Abner Doubleday, the man who went on to invent Baseball.
Just think, if he'd been killed in the Civil War we'd have to have waited for someone else to "borrow" the English game of Rounders and turn it into American baseball.
Anyway, we took the boat out to Ft. Sumpter and had a talk on the way given by one of the park rangers.  After a half hour boat ride they let us loose on the island for an hour.  By then it was getting chilly, it had been downright hot all day, but there was a cold wind on the island.
Nice little museum and lots of cannons, which I love.  We saw the 33 star flag that Major Anderson. of the Union Army,  had put up at the fort and was perceived by the Confederates as an act of war.
All in all a very worthwhile trip.
When we returned to shore we had another 1/2 hour of walking back to our hotel.  In the beautiful courtyard wine, cheese/crackers and cookies were being served.  It was a good way to unwind.
We then asked the desk clerk if there was a nearby no fuss place to have some dinner and he recommended the Bull Street Market and Deli which was just around the corner.  We ordered an Italian Roast Beef sandwich for me and a Lamb sandwich for Mac and we shared some German Potato Salad.  A good simple meal for 2 tired people.
In the morning breakfast, which was included in the room price was brought to our door.
All in all a really nice short trip.  Charleston is about 2 1/2 hours from here and an easy drive.  We may need to go back again.


  1. So interesting!! I love hearing about history in other countries. Can you believe that two years ago when we visited Boston some people said to us "there is no history in America" when we were going to Boston of all places!! There is a lot of history in America and I find it just as interesting as the history of anywhere else, so thank you for sharing a new bit with me! xx

  2. Charleston looks an interesting place, plenty of history there! It looks like you had a good trip away.

  3. It sounds like a great trip. I like to visit new places and it makes it all the more interesting when there's things to learn about it.

  4. What a great trip you've had Janet! The hotel and surroundings sound really nice and perfect place to rest after all your walking tours. I would love to visit some of the American historic places from the Civil War, I think that would be so interesting. My husband had two uncles living in Charleston for many years, but we never visited there (missed opportunity as they are all gone now).

  5. It certainly looks like a great place to visit.

  6. Really interesting! Even some of us Brits have heard of Fort Sumpter...


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