Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday in the Swamp

It's beautiful here in the swamp, almost 80º, feels like spring, but I know better than to get too excited. We'll have overnight lows in the 30's this weekend.
Have been doing some deep cleaning, not much fun, but oh so satisfying when it's done.
Had to run into town for my B-12 shot today, should give me some more energy.  Plus my latest bloodwork showed that I had to up the dosage of the thyroid medication I take.  I've had an underactive thyroid for years and have taken medication for it.  A couple of years ago they removed half my thyroid because they thought it might be cancerous---it wasn't,  just full of lumps and bumps.  But anyway they monitor it to make sure I'm getting enough whatever the heck it is the thyroid produces and now I'm taking more medications to see that I do.  That should give me more energy too and might also explain my weight gain.  We'll see.
Well the Iowa caucuses are over and Trump didn't win, thank God for small favors, though Cruz isn't much to crow about either.  Glad to see that Iowans had some sense.  Looks like they really couldn't make their minds up between Hillary and Bernie.  It's off to New Hampshire next and I bet Bernie wins there.
Just imagine an election for President that features a socialist and an idiot-- there are some good Republicans, it's just that they don't have a snowball's chance of getting the nomination.   In the words of Kelly Bundy (Married With Children). The mind wobbles.


  1. I have difficulty understanding the ramifications of our own politics, so I do not have a cats chance in hell with anyone else's. I just hang on to the saying; there are lies, damned lies and politics.

  2. The complications of your country's politics just leave me totally puzzled. Thank goodness we don't have such a long, drawn-out process here. Our few months is bad enough. The trouble with elections is the politicians usually make promises which they have little or no intention of keeping if they are elected.

  3. We were almost afraid to look at the headlines this morning. I would like to just get rid of them all and start over. There isn't one I would really like to vote for. It seems that's alway the way my vote goes -- never for anyone, just against the scariest choice!
    I can't believe it's February and we are having days like this. The butterflies and anoles are out and the azaleas are blooming like crazy here in SC.

  4. The Iowa caucus is over. January is over. We may survive until the election is over, although that extra day excruciating day has been added.

  5. The world be crazy !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Hope that all works out with the different meds and that things settle for you! xx

  7. There was a person on breakfast tv news this morning who was explaining all about how politics and elections work over with you. For a minute I thought I had grasped what he was saying but I lost it again, it seems complicated to those who aren't used to it. Hope all your medications work and you feel full of energy soon:)


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