Monday, February 15, 2016

Miss Marple

I have to tell you a little more about the Miss Marple book Mac made me.  He knows what a fan of hers I am and have been for years.  I've read all the books and short stories, seen most of the films and tv shows.  I've liked all of the actresses playing Miss Marple except for Angela Lansbury.

The first page of my little book has a map of St. Mary's Meade, Miss Marple's village.  He did it in sepia so it would look old.

In the 2004 tv movie with Geraldine McEwan  her cottage looked like this. I'll be adding this picture to my book.

The next page in my book says, "Know how to think"

The picture is Geraldine McEwan, my favorite Miss Marple

The next page says "Know when to be alert" and there is a picture of Margaret Rutherford, my second favorite Miss Marple.  Agatha Christie herself said that she didn't like the movie they made, but she loved Margaret as Miss Marple.

The next page is "Know where to relax".

But the very best page is the cartoon he found.  Please excuse Miss Marple's language.

I already have plans to add to this book with movie and book reviews.


  1. What a super little book you will have. Geraldine McEwan is my favorite, too.

  2. Daughter and I watched a TV animated show from NHK called Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple.
    The show adapted stories from Poirot and Miss Marple. Great Grand Niece Mable West works with Poirot.
    Not sure if you can find it but we watched it on the computer years ago.
    There was a manga made also.
    Doesn't your Daughter work in Japan ? Maybe she could look it up.
    My favorite is Joan Hickson who wanted her to play Miss Marple.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Ment to say who Agatha Christie wanted
      Plus I forgot to say what a wonderful gift,

    2. I'll ask my daughter to looks for it.

  3. I love Miss Marple too. My favourite was Joan Hickson. I even met her because they filmed Sleeping Murder in the town where I use to live (Sidmouth Devon UK). She was a lovely lady. I agree with you and the Angela Lansbury version.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. What a wonderful Miss Marple book Mac has made for you. My favoruites as Miss Marple were Joan Hickson and Geraldine McEwan:)

  5. Such a lovely idea to collect all your Marple miscellanea in one place.
    I loved Geraldine McEwan in a British TV series in the 1970s, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - can still hear her voice in my head when I think abut it.

  6. How wonderful. I love Agatha Christie, we must have every single series and film ever made. LOL. My favourite would also be Geraldine McEwan, she just portrayed Miss Marple so well. How funny how many similiarites we find out over the years. You're sure we're not twins separated at birth? ;)

    Thanks for this. Have a good day,
    Marianne from
    Let's Read

    1. I'm beginning to wonder Marianne, I'm of German ancestry on my Father's side.

  7. How lovely, what a wonderful gift. I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all filling the book with lots of Miss Marple trivia and reviews.

  8. Mac is so thoughtful and clever, that's a lovely gift. Joan Hickson is my favourite Miss Marple although I also have a soft spot for Julia McKenzie. A friend of mine has a tweedy cape which she calls her Miss Marple because of Margaret Rutherford! x

  9. I always liked Miss Marple better than Poirot :) 4:50 from Paddington with Margaret Rutherford was probably the first Miss Marple I saw on film so therefore made the strongest visual impact. I think I liked the Joan Hickson TV series better than the one with Geraldine McEwan. But I can't really say why - it was too long ago. It may have been more to do with the scripts than the actresses.

  10. How fabulous!!! He is a great one that Mac!! I love Miss Marple too! My favourite Miss Marple was Joan Hickson, she will always be the perfect Marple for me! xx

  11. That's a thoughtful gift. Mac knows you so well in making things that will give you so much on-going pleasure. I enjoy movies of the books and never get tired of them or the television dramas. It's interesting to see how the different actresses interpret the Miss Marple character. My favourites were Julia McKenzie and Joan Hickson.

  12. Wow what a fun gift. Margaret Rutherford is my favourite. I have three DVD's murder at the gallop, murder she said and murder most foul lol. I love the theme music too. I really must re-visit them.


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