Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just Some Random Thoughts on a Saturday

Yesterday would have been my Mother's 95th birthday, but she died in 1993, much too soon.  So many things I never thought to tell her or to ask her.  She died from smoking, I quit smoking way back in the 80's, but my 2 sisters still smoke and I wish they could quit.
I'm making short ribs in the slow cooker and they smell so good. It's a new recipe courtesy of Pinterest.   I'll serve them with mashed potatoes.
Had to run to the store today, a friend is coming over for lunch tomorrow and he always asks me to fix my notorious 7- layer dip.  It's so good and so fattening so I don't make it often.  But I needed nearly everything that goes in it so had to hit the store.
I'm still working on my Granny Square blanket, will probably spend the rest of the year on it if I want it King-size.
I'm including a picture taken at sunrise last week, we don't often see them--sunrises that is-- as we get to sleep late now that we're retired.  But we had to get up early the day we drove to Charleston so Mac took s photo.


  1. It's hard when birthdays and anniversaries of those we have lost come around, very sad when they've died young. What a lovely sunrise, even when I'm up at that time the curtains are usually closed so I miss it.

  2. My mom is in her 60's and she still smokes. I really wish she'd stop. My dad stopped about 15 years ago and has COPD now anyway, so she's probably in for worse eventually. I hope you have a nice lunch with your friend. I loooove 7-layer dip.

  3. I quit smoking when Obama put another tax on cigarettes to sustain health care for children, eight years ago. Now I wonder how my friends were so tolerant. Occasionally I thank them.

  4. What a lovely sunrise.
    Sleeping in is nice but I can't sleep in too long because it is up early, feed thehamish first and then give him his insulin and start the eye drops. le sigh.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I identified with your post today as my Mom too died in 1993. She would have been 94. Although she never smoked she died from a stroke. But I have wonderful memories as I'm sure you do of our time together. The sunrise photo is beautiful. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, Pat

  6. My parents both smoked too. It was normal back then in the 40's and 50's. I have an afghan that has been in the works for over a year, I am using up leftover yarn:)

  7. My parents both smoked. I think many people in that generation did, having no idea when they started that it was bad for their health. If your short ribs turn out would you mind putting a link to the recipe in your next post? I have a package of short ribs in my freezer and I need to do something with them.

  8. Not sure what short ribs are - we probaboly have them here in the UK under another name, so I would love the recipe too please.

  9. I am blessed and still have both my parents, I am thankful each day.

  10. I am sure you miss her so much. My Mother died just short of two years ago, my Father just 4 months ago and I miss them both.


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