Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rainy Thursday

The tornado at Ft. Stewart
The bad storms that wrecked havoc across Mississippi and Alabama got here yesterday afternoon.  The worst of it stayed on the other side of the I-95 highway, that's the main north-south freeway here. We're on the eastern side of it close to the coast.  But Ft. Stewart, the huge military base,  is on the western side and it was hit by a tornado yesterday.  No one was hurt, but quite a bit of property damage.
We're still having rain, will probably rain all day, but no high winds or lightning.
In better news our friend Mike came by yesterday to pick up his pressure washer and to bring us some eggs.  He started raising chickens and he's sharing the bounty with us.  Aren't they pretty!

More of the storm that came through

I've never had a blue egg before!


  1. I've never seen any eggs of that colour before!!!

  2. Gosh, tornados! I would be so frightened! Glad nobody was hurt x

  3. Gosh, tornados! I would be so frightened! Glad nobody was hurt x

  4. Glad you avoided the tornado, although that storm looks mighty impressive. My sister uses our neighbor's fresh eggs in what she cooks, but ever since a bad experience with a bad fresh egg, I have been unable to put one of them fried or scrambled to my mouth. I wonder if she uses them for deviled eggs. Guess I won't ask.

  5. I hope that you will stay safe and that everyone else is alright too. xx


  6. You are lucky to get farm eggs! Rain and terrible winds all last night and now all day here, too, and the ground is so saturated we are surrounded by a lake. He mail is going to stay in the box until tomorrow! Thank goodness no one was hurt in the tornado.


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