Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Beginnings

So pretty here today and the thermometer says its 75º in the sun, feels great.  I even have the back door open to let in some fresh air.  I've been crocheting, started a strange Granny Square afghan, it's one big granny square and I'm doing it in cream, variegated green and a soft yellow.  First time I've worked a granny quite like this one and it's been years since I worked a granny at all.
Also worked a bit on my puzzle, at the rate I'm going should only take a year or two to get it done.
Reading 3 books:  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, The Spiral Staircase by Edna Lina White and The Debriefing by Robert Littell.
Ready Player One has been recommended by loads of people and it's good, but not great.  All about questing in virtual worlds.  The interesting parts are that the clues are based on 1980's games, music, tv shows and movies.
The Spiral Staircase is from the Golden Age of British mysteries, it was published in 1933 and it's quite good.
The Debriefing is about a Soviet defector, is he legitimate,  are the documents he brought legitimate and who's playing whom.  Good book.

Tried another new recipe this week, Chicken in a Dijon Mustard Sauce with bacon and we all know that bacon makes everything better. Forgot to take a picture, but here's one from Pinterest , that's where I got the recipe, that looks just like it, minus the green bits, I seldomly put in the green bits. It's made with chicken breasts and is quite quick and easy to make.  Mac says it's a keeper.


  1. My mother made granny square everything. I have pictures of my kids wearing granny square vests, back in the seventies. She always had a stack of granny square baby throws on hand. I recall her making the one big granny, too. It's an immortal pattern.

  2. Your crochet granny square looks lovely! And your made me giggle, I usually leave out the green bits in a recipe too!
    SHHH...don't tell everyone about the great weather in GEORGIA, let's keep it a secret! LOL.

  3. Your chicken dijon recipe looks so good. And, thank you for sharing some book ideas. I'm going to look up the Spiral Staircase. Enjoy your evening, Pat :)

  4. Your chicken recipe looks deliciious. We're big fans of chicken here, there's just so many different recipes you can make with it.

  5. Hope your crocheting goes well! Enjoy it! Love your new header photo! xx


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