Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have a birthday coming up on Monday and it's dismaying how freaking old I am.  When I was not quite 8 my family moved from Oklahoma back to California and I met my Grandmother, my Dad's Mother.  Actually I'd met her before but didn't remember her.  At the time she was 53 years old and was the oldest thing I'd ever seen.  Sequoias were younger looking than her.   In fact I told my Mother I wanted to die before I got that old.  She laughed and laughed, but I didn't see what was so funny.  Now I do, for I'm much older than my Grandmother was then.  I don't look quite as worse for wear as she did, but Lordy I'm old.
I'm not quite sure how it happened, I remember being a young wife and Mother, it was only yesterday.  Now my daughter is older than I was when she went off to College.  Tick, tick, tick, can you hear the clock?
Oh well, here's hoping I get some good birthday presents, there's got to be some reward for getting so old.

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