Friday, September 11, 2009

Anniversary Trip

We're home from our anniversary trip and it was wonderful.  We got up about 5am and drove to St.Marys a beautiful little coastal town here in Georgia.  It sits on the intercoastal waterway and is full of old live oaks hung with Spanish moss and antebellum mansions.  We stayed at Emma's Bed and Breakfast, a home built at the turn of the century (1900) where we had a 2 room suite with a deck.
We checked in and had breakfast down on the waterfront while 
we waited for 
the boat to Cumberland Island.

only have 
toast in the morning, but we knew it was going to be a long day
 so we had a real breakfast and then
 caught the boat at 9.  It's about
 a 45 minute ride out to Cumberland Island.  We had a pair of dolphins who swam along side the boat as we neared the island, jumping out of the water in tandem, we took pictures but they were too far off for them to show up.

The island is so pretty, there are no plans to ever develop, it mostly belongs to the National Park Service and that's wonderful.  When we
 arrived we walked out to the ruins at Dungeness.  There are picnic tables set up  under the trees and I sat there and painted while Mac went in search of shark's teeth.  

 shark's teeth are so cool.  Sharks lose their teeth daily and can
 replace a whole set (77 teeth) monthly, so there are 
a lot of teeth out there to be found, if you know what you're
 looking for.  Mac found 36 teeth that day, you'll never guess how
 many I found!  
He put a quarter in the picture so you can get an idea of the sizes.

We say a load of wild turkeys down near the water, armadillos, and wild horses everywhere.

  Mac also saw a group of deer.

We picniced on the island and then walked out to the beach.  You have to bring all your own food and water, 
there is none available on the island except for a water fountain near the campground.  
As always the beach was beautiful and we waded in the water which was warmer than here and I had thought the water at Tybee was warm.

We stayed all day on the island catching the boat back to St.Marys at 4:45.  Dinner was at the Silver Star Steak house where I had a heavenly steak and Mac had an overspiced (too much anise) Chioppi.  He said that the mussels and pasta were good but the rest was just so-so.
Back at our B and B we sat out on our private deck and drank Champagne.  
In the morning we had breakfast on the back porch of the B and B, French toast with fresh strawberries and blue berries.  Delicious!
The whole B and B was super, we would recommend it highly and hope to go back and stay again.
The gardens were beautiful, full of roses, huge magnolia trees and goldfish ponds.  Down the street was a church from 1801 and it was just a short walk to downtown.  We walked around after breakfast, but it was very humid, Mac had wanted to fish but we decided we'd had enough sun so we loaded up and headed for home.  A short drive down the road back to the freeway we came to an antique mall (one of my favorite places) and we spent a busy hour there.  All in all a wonderful trip.

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