Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garage Band

Went out last night in hopes of seeing, and hearing, the band we'd seen on Friday night.  We didn't.  Walked into the club to see another band setting up.  When the owner was asked she merely said, rather brusquely, "They're not here."  So we started taking a better look at the band setting up.  We recognized 2 of them from other bands, but that wasn't a good thing.  One, a perfectionist, always ready to tell you how to play a song, arrange a song or play an instrument.  The other was a really good guitarist known for long, loud solos when not working for the state (you figure that one out).  So we waited.  The first song was loud, the 2nd one was tinny, but we danced anyway, the 3rd was loud and tinny with the band dropping chords.  The table down the way from us was full of middle-aged folks way too dressed  and  way too drunk way too early. One of  the men even had a cute little diamond earring.  They were cheering, even when the band was making bad mistakes, and whistling,  I guess to denote their pleasure.  Mac and I looked at each other and he said we'd give the band  one more song.  So what did they play?  Something current, something you'd love to dance to?  No, their drummer started singing, in a monotone, "Let's Twist Again".  We left, drove back towards home and picked up a pizza.  When we got to the house we ate pizza and then Mac and I played together, him on guitar and me on piano.  We decided that the only band that sounded like a garage band that we'd listen to was ourselves!

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