Monday, September 21, 2009


"Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty- water covered memories", not to mention at least 9 feet of sludge.  It's getting tiring just trying to remember what I came in the room for.  You know, the great here after?  It's dangerous just walking across the room to pick something up or opening the refrigerator.  I've never had good short term memory and it's getting worse.  They say it's not Alzheimer's if you can't remember the name of something or someone, but be worried it you don't remember what the thing is for.  No I can't remember the name of the scissors but I still remember how to use them, at least so far.
Mac and I both spend an inordinate amount of time saying hello to folks who act like long lost kin, and when they walk away we look at each other and say, "Who was that?"  At least we're losing our memories together.
Now what brought all this up?  Well since we're retired we don't have taxes taken out of our money and instead we pay quarterly estimated taxes that are due April 15, June 15, September 15 and November 15.  Now ask me if we remembered to pay our taxes on the 15th!

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