Sunday, September 6, 2009


Went out dancing last night and it was wonderful, the most fun we've had in a long time. Friday had been awful and we almost didn't go last night.  On Friday there had been a load of children who were drinking shots and trying to see who could get drunk the fastest, dance the nastiest and be the most obnoxious.  We left after two sets.
But last night there was a good mix of older couples and younger ones.  The band was great.  We've gone through so many changes with them.  When we first met them they were Lightnin' Creek with Keith Gay as their lead singer and they were so much fun, they're the reason we started liking country music, we'd always been rock fans.  After a year or so they fired Keith and broke up.  Mike their keyboard player finally put together a band called Remedy and we went to see them a lot, after all Mike had gotten custody of us after the break up of Lightnin'.
Then after about 2 1/2 years the original band got back together, but now they were KGB (Keith Gay Band), as good as ever, and they lasted almost a year before they fired Keith, don't ask how you get fired from your own band, and they didn't play for about 4 months.  Then they found a new lead singer (decent singers and lead guitars are hard to find) Scott, and that lasted a few months before the lead guitar quit and took the drummer with him.
They didn't play together again until last New Year's Eve when KGB came together again.  That lasted almost 7 months till Keith left and the band had no singer and no where to play.  Some how they found a deputy sheriff (Rick) who could sing, promised not to arrest them for their bad habits and Black Water Station was born.  Friday was their first performance.
They were good Friday, but last night they were great, it all came together.  Lots of new songs, the lead singer kept the crowd involved, and load of good danceable music.  What a great time.

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