Monday, September 21, 2009

Funny signs

While cruising around the Internet the other day I saw a funny road sign "Caution Water on Road During Rain".  How informative, always good to know what happens to the road when it gets wet.  But it got me to thinking about some of the signs  we'd seen in our travels through England, some road signs, some pub signs, some just really strange signs.
One of our favorite road signs we saw down by East Lulworth Castle in Dorset.  It was a large, yellow triangular sign that said "Sudden Gunfire".  What the hell are you supposed to do?  Duck?  Run for cover?  We sped up.
 One of our favorite pub signs was found in the Falkland Arms in Great Tew, Oxfordshire .  It said No Mobile Phones!  Please switch OFF your moble pone whilst in the real pub.  It is not an office and we have grown-ups socializing.  Thank you
Outside the pub was another sign: Children are welcome in the garden.....Dogs welcome in the pub.
In Montacute there was a triangular rock that said, "No milk today" .  Hard to believe they still have milkmen.
In Bisley we saw a sign in a house window stating, "If ye park here the gurt big bus will no be able to pass!".
In Yorkshire one year at a pub called the Craven Arms/Craven Heifer Inn we saw a sign, and it was also proclaimed on their menu, that in addition to be a Calor Gas Finalist for Pub Meal of the Year, they were finalist for Loo of the Year, loo being a Brit word word for restroom.
Again in Oxfordshire we saw a road sign declaring, "Bridge out, Pub open", nice to know the Brits have their priorities in order.
A sign down a country lane in Dorset stated, " Three Duck Corner and Two Duck Cottage".
I'm assumed the married ducks owned the cottage.
Near  Glastonbury we ran into a load of closed signs, the book store was closed, the kitchen of the pub we wanted to eat at was closed, all the antique shops were closed, wanted to see a thatched windmill but the road was closed, found mill, it was closed, went to Barrington  Court and it was closed for the whole year, passed a big sign praising the Jehovah Witness's, but they were closed and to finish the day off we went to the bank to cash some traveller's checks and there was a sign stating," So sorry, bank is closed due to attempted robbery.".
Writing all this has made me very nostalgic for England, we may have to go back next year.

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  1. Hey- Don't you live in Richmond Hill? or did I dream that? email me when a good time is for me to come and see you.

    Let's set something up....I can't wait to catch up!


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