Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Can Take It With You

Contrary to popular belief you can take it with you.  A man in Saluda, South Carolina was buried in his beloved  1973 Pontiac  Catalina .  Lonnie Halloway, aged 90, died last week and had made arrangements to be buried at the wheel of his car.  The church decided it was ok, and a year before he died he'd made arrangements with a car wrecker service to lower  the car into the huge grave.  He also decided to have his guns placed in the trunk of the car.  
I admire someone who goes out in style.  And it got me to thinking about what I'd take with me, if I could and   I decided that  I'd  want the  stuffed elephant that Mac gave me 6 years ago.   It was a replacement for one he had given me for my 17th birthday.  That one had his class ring tied on a ribbon around its neck.  The new one had a beautiful sapphire ring on a ribbon around its neck.   So sweet that he'd remember how special that first elephant was to me.   I'd love to have the original one but our daughter April played it to death when she was young.  And that's ok because she's pretty special too.

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