Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cumberland Island

We're off to St.Mary's tomorrow and will be spending the day on Cumberland Island.  Cumberland is the largest of Georgia's barrier islands, it is about 17.5 miles long and about 6 miles long at its widest part.  Indians settled it first, then the Spanish, followed by plantation builders.  In the early 1900's the Carnegies bought a big chunk of it and built a mansion, Dungeness.  This burned down in 1959, but the ruins are pretty spectacular.  The beach is amazing, beautiful white sand and few people because the number of visitors is limited.
I hope to do some painting and Mac wants to hunt for shark's teeth and do some fishing.  
There are wild horses roaming the island and the last time we were there we saw wild turkeys.
Wild pigs and alligators are also found there.  I understand that wild pig season is about to begin, they're huge and I'm not sure I'd care to run into one.

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